Episode 10: Ghost Hagfish


Yes, yes, we’re late again. Apologies. I, Asia, got sick twice in July AND started a full-time job, so…even though we recorded this a few weeks ago…well, here we are!

In this episode, we discuss the morality of cloning, the weird rooms in your house, the name of my new metal band, and how to speak alien, horse, and architect.

We also may or may not have anywhere from 0 to 2 special guests in this episode. You’ll just have to listen to find out!

Reminder: patrons get to hear the blooper reels that go up shortly after each episode. For as little as $1 a month, you could hear my PITCH PERFECT Lisa Simpson impression, as well as all the stuff I deemed too weird for genpop.

As always, thanks for listening, and don’t forget to share! 🙂

Episode 9: Somebody Else


Better late then never, I always say! Tani, however, never says that.

We’re back with episode 9, wherein you will hear us answer your questions about centaurs, ghosting tweens, intuitive sensors, why nerd are bad at sports, making friends when you don’t particularly care to be around people, birth order, learning styles, first impressions, INTJ villains, and Scottish accents.

Things actually get a tiny bit heavy when discussing the INTP relationship to friendship, but don’t worry: we’re not great at being serious for long.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: This is the episode in which we FINALLY reveal the identitiy of the mysterious Somebody Else, so stay tuned for that at the end!




Welcome to our much-(possibly over)-hyped special Star Wars-themed episode of Mostly Rational, in which we invite guests Geordi and Brandon to share with us their extensive Star Wars expertise while answering the questions you sent in. Let me tell you: We thought we were nerds, but Y’ALL are NERDS! That’s why we love ya. Keep those nerdy questions comin’!

Talking points in this episode: Most eligible droid? Weird Kermit. Palpatine’s cosplay contacts. Count Dookie. Asia & Co. Is it ok to like the prequels? Ring theory. Tumblr teens. Darth Jar Jar. Uncle Luke. Vader’s Myers-Briggs type. Angsty Episode III.

Fair warning: This episode contains HEAVY nerd-talk/friendly debate/incorrigible interruptions AND spoilers re: the films, the EU novels, and Clone Wars.


Episode 6: Askin’ Aston


With very special guest, the infamous Askin’ Aston. In this episode, we flash back to February of 1992, continue trying to solve the mystery of Somebody Else, debate creative thinking vs creative doing, discuss the value of emojis, talk music writing, and more!

We also laugh a lot.

Best of all, Aston came prepared with his own, totally fresh, definitely original and not at all a parody of anything custom intro for our podcast. Will we continue to use it? Thaaaaat probably depends on how that absolutely nobody I just mentioned reacts. We’ll see! Or not!

So, settle in for your long drive/pile of dishes to clean/giant pile of laundry to fold and join us as we do our very best to make whatever you’re doing for the next little bit a tad more enjoyable!

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