Episode 6: Askin’ Aston


With very special guest, the infamous Askin’ Aston. In this episode, we flash back to February of 1992, continue trying to solve the mystery of Somebody Else, debate creative thinking vs creative doing, discuss the value of emojis, talk music writing, and more!

We also laugh a lot.

Best of all, Aston came prepared with his own, totally fresh, definitely original and not at all a parody of anything custom intro for our podcast. Will we continue to use it? Thaaaaat probably depends on how that absolutely nobody I just mentioned reacts. We’ll see! Or not!

So, settle in for your long drive/pile of dishes to clean/giant pile of laundry to fold and join us as we do our very best to make whatever you’re doing for the next little bit a tad more enjoyable!


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